Paleo Teriyaki Bowls with Instant Pot Pork

Paleo Teriyaki Bowl Recipe

Miss having teriyaki rice bowls? Use our super EASY Instant Pot Teriyaki Pork Recipe below to make Paleo Teriyaki Bowls. We use cauliflower rice that is easy to heat up on the stove or in the microwave.

This is the third of three recipes you can make with our Instant Pot Teriyaki Pork recipe. This means you can make multiple meals with the same protein, making meal prepping really easy for the week.

Thank you to Naughty Pig Butchery for supplying the beautiful pork butt used while making this recipe.


  • Electric pressure cooker. (Instantpot or other brand)
  • Utensils for shredding pork



  1. Preheat pressure cooker on “MEAT” setting and add oil
  2. Once hot, add pork and brown on each side (do not use top for this step)
  3. When pork is browned, turn off cooker.
  4. Add Teriyaki Dressing/Marinade to the pork.
  5. Set pressure cooker to cook on MEAT setting again.
  6. Cover and set to cook for 15 minutes per pound. (approx. 1 hour) View Instant Pot Timetable here.
  7. Be sure the vent on the top is set to SEAL not vent.
  8. Once the meat is done let the steam release naturally.
  9. Remove the top and shred meat with forks.
  10. Heat rice with instructions on the bag.
  11. In a bowl at rice, pork, and top with veggies.
  12. Serve and enjoy.

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Paleo Teriyaki Bowls

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