10 Things You Should Know About Sustainable Palm Oil

Sustainable Palm Oil, Not a Palm Oil Boycott

Do you know where you Palm oil comes from?  If not, you should. Snackin’ Free uses only sustainable palm oil in it’s products. Palm Oil that is Certified Sustainable by the RSPO (Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil – the International governing body for sustainable palm oil production). Palm oil is in every isle in the grocery stores today and in so many things from our food to our personal care products. 

Since the Pandemic and even before more and more people are looking for clean, sustainable ingredients that not only protect our environment but the plants they come from too. That’s why sustainable palm oil is the only palm oil you should use in your home.

Here are 10 things you should know about palm oil:

1.  Palm oil is everywhere.

2. Palm oil is the world’s most popular oil.

3. Sustainable palm oil is restorative.

4. Sustainable palm is focused on clean energy.

5. Sustainable palm helps prevent global warming.

6. Sustainable palm oil strengthens communities.

7. The answer is sustainable palm, not a palm boycott.

8. Sustainable palm oil is plant-based.

9. Customers want more sustainable palm oil.

10. Retailers and brands are vital to the sustainable palm movement, too.

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