Active Lifestyle

Our Snackin’ Free protein snack bars are chocked full of good ingredients like raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit, unsweetened raw coconut, dairy free chocolate chips, honey and protein.

  • “Nuts are a good substitute protein for meat,” states Ori Hofmekler, an expert on how to use food to build muscle and improve your health.
  • Seeds have fewer carbohydrates than nuts.
  • FOOD BASED leucine can benefit your muscles without side effects. 100 g. of Almonds contain more lucine that 100 g. of chicken.
  • Nuts and seeds like almonds are low-glycemic fibrous carbohydrates, and they also contain good protein.
  • Honey contains natural antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Coconut has medium chain triglycerides, which have many health benefits.
  • Researchers have discovered that cranberries have five times the antioxidant content of broccoli, which means they may help protect against cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Our paleo snack bar was just another snack in our arsenal of snack foods until one day when my daughter, who is an avid road cyclist, asked if she could take one as a snack during one of her long rides. It was then that we decided to add protein to the bars to give her that added boost needed for muscle retention.

She had always taken along water and electrolyte replacements but nothing to maintain her muscle stamina. Now she takes them with her when she rides, runs, swims and rock climbs.

So whether you are a weekend warrior, a trained athlete or just need a pick me up at the office when the afternoon blues strike, the balance of protein, fats and low glycemic sugars in our bars may give you what you need to maintain the energy to get you through your training, your workout or your day.

These pictures are of Mrs. S’s daughter Sasha who was diagnosed with Lupus in 2013.