Paleo Jello Salad Recipe

This salad was one of my children’s favorites in the warm days of summer. Who doesn’t love Jello?   I created a paleo jello recipe base on what I would make my kids when they were younger so that we can still enjoy it today.  This is a great recipe for BBQs and large get-togethers. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • measuring spoons
  • saucepan
  • bowl or dish to set jello
  • bowl for serving jello


  • 2 cups 100 % Fruit Juice. (I like Knudsens 100% Cranberry Pomegranate juice).
  • 2 cups kombucha or sparkling water, soda (I like Live Soda sugar-free probiotic soda)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp. 100 % Grass-Fed Gelatin
  • 1/4 – 3/4 tsp. (or to taste) 100% Monk fruit or Stevia powder (I’ve used monk fruit and stevia so its whichever you prefer)
  • 1 can organic sliced Pears in their own juices, chopped
  • 1 can organic sliced Peaches in their own juices, chopped**
  • 1 can organic pineapple in their own juices
  • 10 or so Maraschino Cherries, halved
  • 1 container of whipped topping (I used cocowhip)
  • *If you prefer you can use 3 cups of chopped fresh fruit of your choice.


  1. In a bowl or shallow dish add Kombucha or sparkling water, and sweetener. Sprinkle Gelatin on top to soften about 5 minutes.
  2. Add the juice to the saucepan and heat on stove over medium heat but do not boil.
  3. Remove from heat and slowly pour into the bowl with kombucha.
  4. Add fruit, stir to evenly distribute fruit, then refrigerate until firm – 3 hours to overnight.
  5. Remove from the refrigerator and stir gelatin/ fruit mixture to break it up.
  6. Add Cocowhip, stir to combine, and enjoy!

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