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Paleomazing Magazine | Tina Turbin
Oct. 28, 2016

Frankly, there is not one single company out there like this right now. I had to jump on my computer and tell you all about it now! How about some paleo breads, paleo tortillas, paleo pizza crusts, salad dressings and barbecue sauce, vegan cookies, paleo cookies, granolas, hot cereals, protein snack bars, scones and muffins and cinnamon rolls?! Mind you, these are all without any trace of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, peanuts, processed sugars or artificial ingredients. All you men and women who want to be gluten free, grain free, paleo or primal and who care about your health and fitness will really love this one. This is also for all the moms, moms with mom friends, anyone over 40 or over 50, and children; everyone can benefit from these products. Snackin’ Free – this week’s featured allergy free company is a completely dedicated gluten, grain, dairy, soy and peanut free bakery and cafe in Murrieta, CA. with one heck of an online sales department! Not only this but they bake fresh all week for their café and online sales.

I was just dying to try these various baked goods and share them with my friends and family and see what everyone thought. To jump right to the point, here are some of my absolute favorites and my personal notes on why:

Paleo “Wheat Style Bread” We toasted up these rolls and they tasted just like the sprouted Ezekiel bread we all are so accustomed to, but can no longer eat.

Protein Snack Bars – Hands down one of the favorites of the items they carry! The Cranberry bar is out of this world. They taste very much, if not the same, like Elemental Plus bars (with buckwheat though) which have always been a favorite micronutrient protein treat on the various hikes I do. Now these are!

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies – These were a favorite cookie by everyone!

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies – Really crispy and have a different flavor than most that I and the others bake, so we all really enjoyed this new slant on a traditional cookie.

Paleo Cinnamon Rolls – These are yeast free yet they have the flavor of a true yeast roll. They did need some ghee or coconut oil after heating as they dried up a tad.

Paleo Hot Cereals – All FIVE flavors were delicious and so easy to make. The kids loved them!

Paleo Vegan Chocolate Cookies and non-Vegan – What can I say – they were also a hit and very light yet rich! Some of us thought that maybe a touch more chocolate could be added, but then again we are all dark chocolate lovers.

Paleo Pizza Crust – Already comes baked and only needs a little heat-up in the oven at 400F, with or without your toppings. I did it both ways: heating with the toppings and heating without and then adding the toppings.

They do carry muffins and paleo scones (I got the vegan ones). The scones are not the typical scone that most of us are familiar with. They are triangular shaped and are fairly thin and dense and taste more like a moist cookie as opposed to a true European scone.

As you can see I was quite surprised to come across this company in my hunting for an option for my friends and family who do not want or like to bake or for those that do not have the time to. Also, so many people have multiple allergies and now autoimmune diseases which limit more than just grains or gluten. This company pays attention to this very fact. This was and is a find!

I called and spoke to the owner of Snackin’ Free, Laura Savinovich, who said she recognized the current situation in the USA as she (and three generations of her family and her own daughter) sat in this large pot with a host of others with similar health declining conditions. Well, what is a gal to do? If you are Laura you do not sit back and complain or go to endless doctor appointments hoping for some magic cure or the holy grail of words. Which by the way, no one ever gets.

Up until this point Laura had been a full-time house wife while raising her two children (now grown), so she had time to do her own research and came across the paleo lifestyle. Not totally convinced, she dove in further and decided to do even more extensive research. Eventually she emptied all her kitchen cupboards. She tried out some paleo dishes, baked goods and treats. Like many others, she did not like the same repetitive dishes, nor some of the dried out paleo goods sold in stores and eventually decided to recreate her own family favorites with a paleo twist. This then led to trying out several recipe books in book stores and trying out online recipes. Soon family and friends were raving and empowering her with praise to go out and share these with the world. Then in 2013 she did just that by opening a café and in January 2016 she launched her online store.

She said she started on this path to improve her health in her own home initially and has achieved that goal through food. She feels so happy and fortunate to be able to share her food, experiences and knowledge with those like her who are currently living with strict dietary restrictions. She really hopes that the food in her café and her online products can help enhance one’s wellbeing and appeal to many palates and improve the health of others.  Be sure to visit her informative website and if you’re a local in Murrieta, visit her café!

From my kitchen to yours,

Tina Turbin

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