The best paleo wraps (gluten free wraps) I’ve ever tried

The best paleo wraps (gluten free wraps) I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried sooooo many. Highly recommend them. Buy a bunch because they’ll go quickly.

Here are my other favorites:
* French onion soup
* BBQ salad dressing
* Turkey wrap
* Bullet Proof Style Late (latte blended in coconut oil)


Highly recommend Snackin’ Free. I always stop there when I’m driving from San Diego to LA.

5 Stars | Yelp | 9/11/2015

Dhru P.Santa Monica, CA


DELICIOUS! And every dietary preference/need under the sun is covered here.
Dedicated gluten free business.
It is a little hard to find because they have no sign up but that adds to the adventure. The owners are very sweet. I will definitely be coming back.

***** | Yelp | 7/21/2015

Sarah S.Murrieta, CA

So thankful for this bakery in Murrieta!

So thankful for this bakery in Murrieta! I’ve tried a few items so far and all are absolutely delicious, especially the brownies. Can’t wait to try more!!

***** | Yelp | 8/2/2015

Amanda VCorona, CA

This place is so awesome!

This place is so awesome! Delicious and lots of variety. The owner is super sweet too! No sign yet, so you might pass right by it, but worth the find!

***** | Yelp | 7/21/2015

Shannon JCanyon Lake, CA

Love the food, love the people!

Love the food, love the people! This amazing bakery took forever for me to find, but has been such a blessing for our family. Working with my daughter’s gluten allergy had always been a pain until finding this place. Now treating her to brownies and cupcakes for her birthday is easy and delicious! My personal fav is their garlic cilantro dressing, super yum 🙂

***** | Yelp | 5/26/2015

Ben ZOceanside, CA

Love starting the day healthier(yummy too)

Love starting the day healthier(yummy too). You won’t feel sluggish by noon if you are eating a breakfast here. The breakfast sandwich is delicious. There’s snacks, lunch items and so much more. Love this place. The owner and employees are warm and welcoming.

***** | Yelp | 6/25/2015

Ginny S.Murrieta, CA

Get your butt into Snackin’ Free

You guys, you guys! Get your butt into Snackin’ Free. Right now, GO. Really though…

I have been eating Paleo for over 3 years now and after moving to Murrieta last Summer, I knew my options for gluten free restaurants/bakeries would nearly diminish. Much to my surprise, I was recommended to head into Snackin’ Free by a fellow food blogger. I saw on their Facebook page they were making all natural food coloring from vegetable and plant extract for their icing and frosting. THAT GOT ME EXCITED.

I headed in with the intention of buying my boyfriend some primal cupcakes. He’s always surprised when he tries delicious desserts that are HEALTHY in addition to being yummy. I got distracted by the lunch menu, and on a whim decided to order the Reuben sandwich. One of the owners let me know that it looked small but would surely fill me up. My response was laughter because boy, do I have a big appetite- it really does take a lot to fill me up so I had my doubts.

She was right. The sandwich was small but mighty. It was packed with flavor, and I am not one for “paleo” bread. I’ll definitely be ordering that again and again. Yes, the cupcakes and snackin’ cakes were a hit as well. I tried chocolate and vanilla with a variety of frosting flavors like chocolate, coffee and strawberry. YUM.

Can’t wait to head back in for more sweets and treats 🙂 A+ Snackin’ Free, A+ !!!!!
Did I mention the outstanding service? Everyone was so polite and attentive. They kept offering me free samples and asking me how everything tasted 🙂

***** | Yelp | 9/24/2014

Monica BArlington Heights, IL

I have celiac and I am am dairy, soy and tapioca intolerant

I have celiac and I am am dairy, soy and tapioca intolerant. Mostly every gluten free sweet treat that you find in stores has tapioca. I went in to Snackin’ Free and they knew just which products had tapioca and which ones didn’t. They were very helpful.
This is the first place I have found that I feel perfectly safe eating at. My sister and I enjoyed delicious salads, hot tea and carrot cupcakes. We bought two bottles of the salad dressing to go. We were very happy with our visit to Snackin Free.
The prices are very compatible for the quality Especially the salads, top quality, fair price.

***** | Yelp | 3/12/2014

Michella H.Fairfax, CA

This is a pretty cool little place

This is a pretty cool little place that has a ton of gluten free and dairy free items. I tried the brownie and an iced almond milk latte. Based on those, I give 4 stars. In the latte, I had them add their flavorings. They use something different to flavor the coffee, looks like a little bottle of essential oil almost. Wasn’t very sweet, or much flavor, could have used more. The brownie was good, but also not super sweet. I’m thinking that’s because both items are probably healthier than alternatives at other locations. Still, I could have used just a touch more sweetness to get to that five star review.

Will be back to try more products and update review.

**** | Yelp | 7/27/2014

Sarah S.Murrieta, CA

Amazing food

Amazing food (you wouldn’t even know it’s low GI & Primal friendly, Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Soy & Peanut free)great atmosphere & friendly service.

***** | Yelp | 11/9/2014

Sean M.San Clemente, CA

Omg this place is amazing!!

Omg this place is amazing!! The owners are so nice and they made my decaf coffee with almond milk perfect just how I like it. We just moved here and it’s so tough to find places who carry almond milk. This pregnant mama is so happy.

***** | Yelp | 10/4/2014

Jessi O.Vista, CA

My kids & I love to visit Snackin’ Free every chance we get

My kids & I love to visit Snackin’ Free every chance we get. The cookies we usually get is the coconut flour chocolate chip kind. Very moist & delicious. I’m so glad there’s a place I can take my kids to get bakery fresh items. They also serve many other delightful baked goods & have awesome gluten free bread that is delicious too.

***** | Yelp | 12/16/2014

Lorelei P.Temecula, CA

I recently visited the west coast to visit my Grandfather. While traveling, my family and I, who all have celiac disease, often have a difficult time finding safe foods. I was absolutely delighted to find this little treasure, then was completely excited about the selection of low-glycemic and grain-free items! We were there twice in the same day! Thank You, Thank You.***** | Yelp | 5/8/2014

Lisa M.Florida, NY

Absolutely in love with this place!

Absolutely in love with this place! I have been paleo for almost 4 years, and have been wanting a place like this to open! I have NEVER tasted anything that I didn’t fall in love with. They are constantly coming up with new ideas to please customers! My husband is always asking me to bring him home cookies!!!

***** | Yelp | 2/23/2014

Jes M.Temecula, CA

Stopped by to check it out

We stopped by to check it out and got a cupcake to share. Yuck. The chocolate cake was just disgusting and the frosting was gritty. As much as I love free products this isn’t one I will eat again

I will say that this is not a fair judgement on the whole shop so I will go back and try something else.

The customer service was good.

*** | Yelp | 10/17/2014

Valory M.Wildomar, CA

YI agree with a previous comment

I agree with a previous comment. I really wanted to love this place. I have been back a few times. I tried the quiche which I find strange because there’s no cheese so basically you’re spending $5 for three baked eggs with a few extra ingredients. It was bland.

Prices were high in my estimation. I don’t mind spending extra for better ingredients but the food should taste amazing if you’re going to charge those prices. I tried 3 or 4 different items some were just odd and most were bland.

However they do have delicious salad dressings but again the price point $5 was too high.

I do wish them the best of luck they are lovely people.

** | Yelp | 11/23/2013

Ginger G.Claremont, CA

LOVE this place!

Being able to enjoy the foods I have not been able to in years due to food allergies is so wonderful!
Not only are the owners are so friendly and very knowledgeable…the food is delicious!!I have not had a single thing here I was not excited to go back and have again… from there coffee, to sweets to food its all great!

***** | Yelp | 7/18/2014

Amanda H.MUrrieta, CA
Ginger G.Claremont, CA

This place was great!

This place was great! The G/F bread was so fresh and tasty! The owners were so nice and very knowledgeable on their products. I will definitely be going back to try the salads next! (and the tortillas) They have a great selection of sweets (very low sugar) and protein bars. They also have fresh lattes and teas. I hope people come here and support a healthier way of eating! I bought an apple flavored salad dressing that I can’t wait to try!

***** | Yelp | 7/5/2014

L. H.Wildomar, CA

I went into Snackin Free last weekend for a cup of tea

I went into Snackin Free last weekend for a cup of tea, and came out with a whole bag of goodies. Enjoyed their hot cereal in the store with my tea, but went home to find that I LOVED their bread, mock hummus, ranch dressing, and my son devoured his muffin. Its fantastic that we have a new restaurant to get all our paleo, gluten free, LOW SUGAR treats! I love that I can take my 3 year old in and he can have anything there- I don’t have to say “no, you can’t eat that”! I think this might be our new Saturday treat!

The owners were so friendly and helpful. I have been gluten and dairy free for 3 years, but am new to grain free, and had lots of questions about their products. I was offered tastings of several things so I could decide which I liked. Needless to say, I liked them all. this place is great.

***** | Yelp | 5/31/2014

L. H.Wildomar, CA

Laura’s creations are delicious…powerfully healthful as well!

Not only are Laura’s creations delicious but they’re also powerfully healthful as well! I’m stoked I have found Snackin Free! I’m a personal cook who works with several pro athletes who keep gluten-free and I like having a go-to for bars they can eat on the go. Their new coffee protein drink I just had, Sunflower Seed Butter and Banana, was AMAZING! Yum!

***** | Yelp | 3/2/2014

Kimmi H.Temecula, CA

Everything in the store is gluten, soy, dairy and peanut free!

Everything in the store is gluten, soy, dairy and peanut free! There is nothing in the shop that you can touch that contains any of these allergens. The owners are a nice, friendly and knowledgeable couple. I can tell by listening to their conversation with customers that they really cater to their customers and listen to their needs and suggestions. They are willing to try new things. It is clear that this is their passion.
Since it was my first time in, they spoiled me with samples of so many treats. I tasted crackers, breads and a brownie. All very good and flavorful. Because I got full from all the samples, I only ordered a coffee which is made by the cup, on the spot. They have coconut milk. almond milk and coconut sugar to add to coffee. My daughter ordered a special iced tea, which was also made on the spot. She loved her maple, bacon muffin also. There were regular customers coming in and out while we were there. I bought their mock-wheat bread before leaving. I will definitely visit again.

**** | Yelp | 7/15/2014

Melanie V.Murrieta, CA

Snackin’ Free products are wonderful

In my first review of Snackin’ Free I mentioned that I was going to try their pizza crusts. Well, I have now had two of them and they are wonderful! Snackin’ Free products are wonderful. I have gone there for lunch several times and had their home made soups with a gluten-free, paleo bread that I think is incredible. I will definitely me a regular customer.

I have been trying to live Paleo for over a year, but it is difficult sometimes because so much of the food has to be made from scratch (i.e. breads, crackers, etc.). I was thrilled when I discovered that Snackin Free is a Paleo mother lode! So far I have tried their scones which are absolutely to-die-for! Have also tried their snack bars which are great and have sampled some of their breads. They also make paleo pizza dough which I am anxious to try (have it in my freezer right now waiting for the weekend). If you are trying Paleo or just want healthy food go try Snackin Free. Awesome!!! I will definitely be a regular there.

***** | Yelp | 1/14/2014

Lisa A.Murrieta, CA

I love this place

I love this place. I am so happy to go into a place where I can have everything on the menu. I am choosing a Paleo lifestyle and this place is it for me. All of the muffins I tried were so yummy. My favorite was the snickerdoodle cookie. The cilantro garlic salad dressing is so good I put it on everything. Bought a pizza dough crust today and am making pizza for dinner. Go see for yourself. Yummy!!!!

***** | Yelp | 10.27/2013

Marni B.Wildomar, CA

This is my first time at snack free and first gluten free product

This is my first time at snack free and first gluten free product. My girls seem to love the snickerdoodle and chocolate scone. I got the cupcake, I guess I am used to too much sugar, and need to scale back. The baked goods are soft and moist. I went in at around 10am and I think the product was very fresh.

**** | Yelp | 2/20/2014

Melody A.Murrieta, CA

This was our first time here and we were pretty disappointed.

This was our first time here and we were pretty disappointed. We have been gluten free for almost 3 years now and were excited to try out a new place. My husband and I tried the quiche and it was weird tasting and had the most offensive smell. It truly smelled like windex cleaner. It was also very spongy and way overpriced for how small the portion was. We won’t ever be back!

* | Yelp | 2/21/2014

Jenni N.Lake Elsinore, CA

At first I wasn’t the biggest fan

At first I wasn’t the biggest fan. Most items were ok but they have made changes and things are much better. I love their muffins

**** | Yelp | 1/16/2014

Loves F.Murrieta, CA

I wanted to love this place

I wanted to love this place. Really I did. I went there for cupcakes for a special occasion for someone allergic to gluten. They were so awful we threw them out. Not even my kids would eat them which says a lot. I was disappointed because they were also very expensive at about $3/each. The texture was odd, the icing though was completely inedible. Very strangle flavor. Hopefully this was a one time flop…but I won’t be back to find out

* | Yelp | 10/21/2013

Stephanie P.MUrrieta, CA


Omg! What a find! The pizza was amazing as was the brownie. Do yourself a favor and try this place. You will not be sorry.

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 8/9/2015


Amazing & delicious, clean eating!

Amazing & delicious, clean eating! Every dietary need or preference under the sun is taken care of here. Dedicated gluten free & paleo so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. The owners are very friendly. Very homey feel, like a small and obscure coffee shop. Love the energy here! I will definitely be returning.

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 7/22/2015

Sarah Schopick

Food is good

Food is good. Hot rolls with the soup are the best!

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 5/22/2015

Roxanne R.

While visiting my Grandfather in Sun City, I did a quick search to see if there were any local spots that might accommodate my two sons and myself, with celiac disease. I was excited to see snackin free, and completely delighted once I arrived. I am almost exclusively grain free, and sugar free, so I was able to choose anything from their menu. My kids were happy to have a treat while we were there. Thank you!

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 7/10/2015


We got my sons and daughters bday cakes here

We got my sons and daughters bday cakes here. They were both good but our favorite was the carrot cake. The price was very reasonable for gf, dairy free.

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 3/31/2015


This place is FANTASTIC!

This place is FANTASTIC! So many options to choose from & they had plenty of samples for first timers. Service is so outstanding; the people are so helpful and kind. I have a lot of dietary restrictions, and they’re willing to ask you what you can/can’t eat and provide recommendations based on your needs. Passing through town and decided to stop here on our way just to see what’s what, and found this little gem. Can’t wait until I get to pass through again and stop here and eat their delicious brownies 🙂

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 1/23/2015


100% gluten and GRAIN free!

100% gluten and GRAIN free! Absolutely delicious, the variety is awesome. You will not be disappointed. It’s not just a gluten free bakery, they have everything! If you are strictly paleo and need a treat, or perhaps craving some ranch dressing even…GO HERE! Even if you are not paleo or low to, GO HERE! There cupcakes have 4g of sugar, almost unbelievable!

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 12/18/2014

Lauren Peters

Best in town!!!

Amazing lattes, gluten free bread and pastries. Friendly helpful staff. Best in town!!!

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 8/6/2014


Wonderful clean food!!

Wonderful clean food!! The breakfast sandwich was amazing! I will Definitely be back!!! If you live in Murrieta or the Elsinore Valley GO soon!! Let’s support this local wonderful Paleo place!!

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 6/6/2014


I found the owners to be very knowledgeable on their products

I found the owners to be very knowledgeable on their products. I can’t wait to see more Vegan dishes! The scones & Broccoli Cheese soup was are Fantastic! No bread available if your Vegan 🙁

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 5/21/2014


Please ask what’s in the ingredients

This place is great for a gluten free bakery; however, if you have other allergens, please ask what’s in the ingredients. No ingredients listed! They are peanut free, but definitely NOT but free. Menu is very limited and pizza is not made there. You can only purchase the crust to make it at home. Breakfast sandwiches were ordered. Tasted good, but we were never told our bacon, egg, cheese sandwich would also have spinach (I think) in it. For those of us who have multiple allergies, please ask for full ingredients before ordering.

***** | Find me Gluten Free | 4/6/2014