Paleo Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sometimes holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, can sneak up on you leaving you empty-handed. We’re here to the rescue with a last-minute treat that’s sure to wow without the long lines and nine-dollar-per-berry price tag. Our recipe also takes out the risk factor of “may have come in contact with nuts” because we used Enjoy Life nut, dairy, gluten, and soy-free chocolate as our melt. To make things even easier, everything you to make these chocolate-covered strawberries need can be found in a trip to Target.

Ingredients & Supplies: 

  • Double boiler (or small saucepan and glass bowl like we used)
  • Silicone spatula
  • Enjoy life dark chocolate morsels
  • Fresh strawberries


  1. Heat water over medium heat until it starts to simmer then turn the burner to low heat
  2. Place double boiler or glass bowl on top and heat for approximately 5 minutes
  3. Place ingredients into the top pan or glass bowl
    IMG_0004 (1)
  4. Wash your strawberries and make sure to dry each one with a paper towelIMG_0001
  5. Melt all ingredients in the top of a double boiler until completely smooth
  6. Stir occasionally until all is melted stir frequently to make sure the chocolate is completely melted, combined, and smooth
  7. Prepare the dipping area with your washed berries and a large sheet of wax paper; the wax paper ensures perfect-looking berries by making them easy to remove
  8. Remove the pan from the heat and place near your dipping surface
  9. Grasp the berries by the stem and leaves for a clean dip
  10. Swirl the berry in your melted chocolate vs just dunking; this allows for an even coating
  11. Flick the berry upward to stop the dripping of chocolate
  12. Allow berries to rest at room temperature to dry. DO NOT stick your berries in the refrigerator or freezer to set; this will cause them to get a white coating or “bloom” which is the uneven settling of the fat in the chocolate at the surface
    IMG_0012 IMG_0008